Friday 27 December 2013

Wargaming Gross-Bereen

Photos and report by Michael Vella

Battle of Gross Bereen  Refight in 6mm Age Of eagles Moves 1 to 3   10:00 11:300 

Pic 1 – Starting deployment.  Tauntenzein’s division is deployed around the village of Birkenfelde.   Camera faces west, with the French approaching from the south in an attempt to march on Berlin.   Village on right closest to camera is Mablou. Village in centre of field is Didersdorf and the one furthest from camera across river is Gross Beeren.

Pic 2 – Close up of Birkenfelde village. The French and their Italian, Saxon and Wurttemburg allies debouch from the woods south of Birkenfelde. Tauntenzein moves to regroup around village, occupying it with 2 Landwehr brigades.  The opening cannonades of the day are fired at this juncture.

Pic 3 – Across the battlefield to the west Prussian columns approach and occupy the village of Gross Beeren.  Numerous French troops have been reported to south in that sector.

Pics 4 & 5  - The French continue their deployment in strength opposite Birkenfelde under fire from the Prussian batteries.

Pic 6 –The view from the other end of the field facing East.  Gross Beeren in the foreground is firmly occupied by the lead elements of Thumen’s division under Bulow’s command.  To the south (on the right of the picture but unfortunately off camera) the lead French elements of Reynier’s division have already appeared on the field.  Far to the east in the background the French batteries have opened up on the Prussians at Birkenfelde, inflicting the first casualties.

  Pic 7 - On the South-Western corner of the field, Reynier's Saxon and French
                        divisions stream northwards in heavily wooded terrain towards the village of
                                   Gross Beeren after experiencing some Reserve Movement delays.

Pic 8 - On the other end of the field, the storm gathers around Tauntzein's
Prussian conscripts holed up in Blankenfelde. Facing him is Bertrand's IV
Corps of Italian, Wurttemburg and French regulars

Pic 9 - After experiencing Reserve Movement delays of their own, Bulow's
Prussian columns resume their march and occupation of Gross Beeren and the
surrounding area. Reynier's approaching troops can be glimpsed in the

Pics 10 - Back to Blankenfelde, this time facing north from behind the
French lines.  The assault presses forward, with Fontanelli's Italian
spearheading the attack on the village itself whilst on the left, Morand's
French can be seen engaging the Prussian defenders in open terrain.

Pic 11 - Close up of Fontanelli's assault columns. They are marked
disordered, having been hit hard by musket fire on their approach across
open terrain.

Pic 12 - View of Blankenfelde facing west.  In the foreground, Italians and
Prussians square up to each other within 400m. In the centre, Fontanelli's
assault has been repulsed with heavy losses whilst in the background, Morand
has routed the Prussian 3rd Reserve conscripts (seen retreating on extreme
right) and has wheeled to threaten the Prussian right flank.

Pic 13 - All hell breaks loose around Blankenfelde as the Prussian defenders
are surrounded on three sides.

Pic 14 - Close up of the action around Blankenfelde with Franque's
Wurttemburgers approaching from the left and Fontanelli's Italians
assaulting in the centre

Pic 15 - Morand's French assaulting the village at the bayonet.

Pic 16 - In the foreground, the remains of Tautenzein's Prussians start
withdrawing from the village and attempt to regroup whilst in the village
itself the fighting still rages on.

Pic 17 - A few kilometres to the east, Reynier's VII Corps cautiously
advances through the woods south of Gross Beeren.  In the background,
Bulow's Prussians have taken position in and around the village.  In the
extreme background, on the upper right, Borstell's division is despatched
westwards to assist Tauntenzein around Blankenfelde.

Pic 18 - Another picture of Reynier's advance, this time with the camera
facing south.

Pic 19 - The Prussians take up position around Gross Beeren waiting for the
French and their Saxon allies to exit the woods.

Pic 20 - A bird's eye view of the whole field - Gross Beeren in the
foreground, Borstell's troops marching eastward in the centre, and
Blankenfelde burning in the distance.

Pic 21 - Franque's Wurttemburg division (centre and left foreground) joins
the fray in the assault on Blankenfelde.

Pic 22 - On the other side of the field Reynier's VII French and (mostly)
Saxon Corps lines up on the edge of the woods opposite Gross Beeren.

Pic 23 - Reynier (right) and Bulow (left) stare each other down

Pic 24 - Birds eye view looking east.  In the immediate foreground Oppen's
Prussian dragoons sally forth in an attempt to turn the French left flank
but find Lindnau's Saxon cavalry blocking their advance.  In the centre,
Borstell's Prussian division streams south east towards past the hamlet of
Klein Beeren towards the village of Didersdorf in the centre of the field.
In the distance Tauntenzein's Landwehr doggedly hang on in Blankenfelde
against all odds despite being completely encircled.  In the left
background, further Prussian reinforcements appear on the field at Mablou

Pic 25 - Back in Blankenfelde, Fontanelli's Italians renew their assault but
still the heroic defenders refuse to give in.

Pic 26 - Help is on the way. Close up of Borstell's division marching
towards Didersdorf while in the background fresh elements of Tauntenzein's
IV Corps make it to the field.

Pic 27 - Wave after wave of infantry to the assault of Blankenfelde,
Italians in the foreground while on the right the Wurttemburgers have been
repulsed in disorder by the Prussian levies' monumental defence.

Pic 28 - At the other end, Oppen's dragoons have driven back Franque's Saxon
cavalry, threatening the Saxon batteries on Reynier's left flank.  However,
help is on the way for the French in the form of Pachtod's French and
Raglovich's Bavarians (off camera).

Pic 29 - The situation before Gross Beeren at 15.00.  In the foreground
Oppen and Lindenau rally their cavalry brigades after their clash whilst in
the centre, Reynier launches Lecoq's and Sahr's Saxon brigades against the
Prussian left flank, supported by massed artillery.

Pic 30 - Reynier's assault columns viewed from another angle - this time
from behind the French lines looking north.  Lecoq and Sahr advance while
Durutte's division is held in reserve in the woods (lower foreground). In
the centre Brause's brigade from Lecoq's division can be seen marked as
disordered from Prussian defensive fire.

Pic 31 - At the other end of the field the defenders of Blankenfelde still
hold on in desperation against overwhelming odds, completely surrounded.
However, help is on the way as Prussian columns march to their aid.

Pic 32 - In the centre of the field, Borstell's division arrives at
Didersdorf while the French assault on Blankenfelde continues unabated in
the background.  Morand's lead brigade supported by artillery approaches
Didersdorf in the centre.

Pic 33 - Back at Gross Beeren, the Prussian line swings into action.  On the
left, Kraft withdraws his division behind the river to put more distance
between his men and the French batteries opposite.  The river will also give
a defensive advantage in the event of an assault by the approaching Saxon
divisions.  In the centre and on the right, Prussian lines move forward
towards the Saxon positions in an attempt to spring a surprise.

Pic 34 - The Prussians take the initiative and press forward.  In the lower
foreground, Oppen charges Lindenau's Saxon cavalry once again while Prussian
infantry engage the Saxon batteries.  In the centre, Prussian lines wheel
45deg to the left and outflank Lecoq's advancing division.  In the meantime
Bulow has called his artillery batteries to gather in the centre, protected
by the advancing infantry lines.

Pic 35 - Another view of the Prussian counter attack clearly showing the
massed artillery and outflanking infantry lines.  The assault on the Saxon
artillery is visible in the rear.

Pic 36 - Morand's limbered artillery advancing towards Didersdorf is
surprised by Hirschfeld's 6th Kumark Landwehr cavalry and cut to pieces in
full view of Morand's infantry.

Pic 37 - Borstell is by now firmly dug in at Didersdorf.

Pic 38 - The usual panoramic shot facing east.  In the foreground Lindenau's
Saxon cavalry has once again been pushed back but help is on the way now
that Beaumont's cavalry is steadily advancing on the road through the woods.
The Saxon artillery was lucky to retire unscathed from the Prussian assault
while the Prussian counter attack proceeds before Gross Beeren.  In the
centre, Borstell's troops can be seen in and around Didersdorf while in the
far background the grim defence of Blankenfelde continues.

Pic 39 - Opposite Gross Beeren the assaulting Saxon brigades in danger of
being outflanked by the Prussian counter-attack call a halt and adopt a more
cautious stance.  Lecoq retires his brigades back into the cover of the
woods whilst Sahr moves by the flank putting more distance between his
troops and the Prussians. To the right of the pic, Beaumont's Bavarian
cavalry finally arrives at the front in support of Lindenau's Saxon cavalry.
To the right of centre, the French artillery seriously threatened by the
Prussian advance limbers up and retreats down the woods.

Pic 40 - Back in Blankenfelde the fighting continues,  the indomitable
defenders fighting to the last cartridge. In the background Prussian
reinforcements approach, forcing the French to adopt a more defensive stance
around the town.

Pic 41 - The French gain the initiative and reprise the offensive before
Gross Beeren, Sahr's Saxons advancing once again more across the open field,
covered by Durutte's troops deployed in a covering line.

Pic 42 - Another shot of the French advance, this time from the French side.
Sahr's Saxons in the foreground.

Pic 43 - Blankenfelde has finally fallen entirely to the French who are now
taking up position to assault Borstell's division around Didersdorf in the
centre.  In the far background the fighting goes on around Gross Beeren.

Pic 44 - Next to Gross Beeren, the Prussians withdraw behind their massed
guns which finally open fire upon Durutte's hapless conscripts in the
centre.  On the right masses of cavalry face each other threateningly.

Pic 45 - A sudden combined arms Prussians counterattack before Blankenfelde
catches the French unprepared.

Pic 46 - Close up of the Prussian counterattack.  Hirschefeld's 1st Reserve
Landwehr together with Borstell's elite Pommeranian Hussars smash into
Belair's brigade of Morand's division.  The French, caught unawares, become
disordered and the unfortunate Belair is shot dead from his saddle.  The
upturned counter represents his demise.

Pic 47 - Belair's brigade (bottom right corner) breaks and scatters before
the fury of Borstell's Pommeranians.  In their victorious frenzy, the
Prussian cavalry and infantry press on against Stockmeyer's brigade of
Franque's division.  This time, however, the Wurtemmburgers are prepared for
the onslaught and fare decisively better than their French masters.

Pic48 - View from the opposite angle.  The Prussian breakthrough charge
(right) is checked and repulsed by Stockmeyer.  In the centre Belair's
brigade continues its disorganized retreat whilst more troops exit the
village of Blankenfelde in support.

Pic 49 - On the opposite side of the field, Thumen's 5th Landwehr Reserve
clash with Lecoq's Saxons, pushing them back in fierce hand to hand and
threaten the French batteries bombarding the Prussian positions south of
Gross Beeren.  This Prussian conscript brigade will distinguish itself
further during the day.

Pic 50 - Bird's eye view from the French side of the situation around Gross
Beeren showing clearly the two opposing lines of battle.  The assault of
Thumen's landwehr can be seen left of centre, deep into the French and Saxon

Pic 51 - Another overall view, this time of the east portion of the
battlefield.  The French can be seen exiting Blankenfelde and approaching
Didersdorf, by now firmly occupied by Borstell's infantry and artillery.  In
the centre, the halted Prussian counterattack can be seen with both sides

attempting to organise themselves for another round.

Pic 52 - Massed Prussian artillery wreak havoc on the French and Saxon lines
before Gross Beeren with Prussian infantry in close support.

Pic 53 - Another shot of the situation before Gross Beeren, this time facing
south towards the French lines.  Note the massed cavalry brigades facing off
on the right, no side yet having had a clear upper hand.

Pic 54 - The Prussians in the centre advance to threaten the Saxons to their
front.  In the background Sahr's Saxons have finally reached the river and prepare to assault the defenders on the opposite bank.

Pic 55 - Lindenau's elite cavalry, Prinz Clemens Lancers and Saxon hussars,
face Oppen's heavy dragoons.

Pic 56 - Between Didersdorf and Blankenfelde, the two sides retire and dress
their ranks.

Pic 57 -  Another view of the same situation, this time from the South
(French side)

Pic 58 -  Final long shot at end of session.  In the immediate foreground,
Bavarian cavalry succeed in pushing the Prussians back whilst Bavarian
infantry columns finally start debouching from the woods after a long march
(bottom right). Further back, Prussian infantry turn to face the possible
threat while the massed guns continue to pound the French in the centre.  At
centre right of the picture, Thumen's landwehr conscripts shatter Lecoq's
Saxons.  The poor officer attempts to rally his troops but is bayoneted in
the furious melee.  The Saxons break, leaving a thousand dead and captured
together with six guns.  In the far background the fighting starts getting
closer, with the defenders in Didersdorf putting up the barricades against
the approaching storm.  To the south (off camera) Arrighi's French cavalry
finally makes it to the battlefield.  The fresh cuirassiers, dragoons,
chasseurs and hussars will breath fresh impetus in the French assault and
will surely stretch the defending Prussians to the limit.  However, word has
arrived to the Prussian high command that Bernadotte's Swedes are less than
an hour's march away......

Battle of Gross Beeren 1813 - Refight in 6mm using Age of Eagles. Moves 16 &
17 (Allied side only) 17.30 - 18.15 approx

Pic 59 - The now clearly-visible columns of the approaching Swedes and
Russians (still off table) throw the French in disarray. The front line
cavalry brigades (Lindenau and Beaumont) halt in their tracks, attempting to
reform and dress their ranks but only partially succeed, holding up the
infantry and artillery behind them.  The Bavarian advance grinds to a halt
as troops become despondent and  dismay spreads through the ranks.  To make
matters worse, Arrighi's sorely-needed cavalry (far background) receive
conflicting orders and two out of three divisions halt until their
commanders deliberate.

Pic 60 - In the centre, Sahr's division prepares to assault across the
river, Bosch opening up his troops in single line to engage the defenders in
a firefight.  Clearly his intention is to soften up the defence prior to
launching the final assault, but in so doing he perilously exposes his left
flank to the approaching Prussian brigades.

Pic 61 - In the meantime, opposite Didersdorf, Bertrand is oblivious to the
approaching Russians and presses on his attack on village.  Fontanelli's
Italians are sent forward in an attempt to envelope the Prussian right
(bottom foreground) whilst Jett's Wurttemburg cavalry brigade is sent on a
sweeping movement to the north past Mablou village in an attempt to turn the
Prussian left (far background).

Pic 62 - Sensing that the balance of the battle is tipping in his favour,
Bulow increases the pressure on the French centre. Thumen's 4th East
Prussian brigade advances threateningly on Lindenau's cavalry's flank
(centre) while Oppen's landwehr cavalry together with Hessen's elite Lieb
hussars manoeuvre on the flank of Beaumont's Bavarian cavalry (bottom
foreground).  In the background, Sahr's Saxons suddenly find themselves
outflanked by Krafft's 1st Neumark who advance across the brook to exploit
Bosch's exposed left flank whilst in the centre, Hessen's 4th Reserve
infantry charge Jarry's already-spent brigade of Durutte's division.

Pic 63 - Close up of Krafft's envelopment of Bosch's left flank (centre) and
Hessen's charge (lower left foreground).

Pic 64 - Jarry's mixed brigade of French and Wurzburg troops break and flee
before Hessen's charge. Hessen carries his troops onwards into Devaux's
brigade of Durutte's division.

Pic 65 - Hessen's breakthrough charge shatters Devaux's troops.  The French
break, losing their artillery in the confusion and leaving seven hundred
dead and wounded on the ground.

Pic 66 - The French centre reels under the Prussian onslaught.  Receiving
simultaneously the news of the Swedish arrival on the field as well as of
the collapse of his centre, Oudinot hesitates and unwittingly hands the
initiative to the Allies.  Frozen into inactivity, Bosch's Saxons are by now
completely outflanked and charged at the bayonet by Krafft's conscripts
whilst Hessen's victorious troops encounter Jarry's Wurzburg and French
brigade once more.

Pic 67 - Krafft's flank charge on Bosch's hapless Saxons. Raked with frontal
canister fire and enfiladed, Bosch's Saxons break in the ensuing melee and
evaporate into thin air, leaving Sahr's other Saxon brigade under Rissel in
grave danger.

Pic 68 - The Swedes arrive !

Pic 69 - Outside Neu Beeren, Hessen's Leib hussars charge Beaumont's cavalry
in the flank.  Although outnumbered 2:1 the Prussian cavalry catch the
Bavarians halted and disordered, throwing them into disarray and forcing
them to retreat back into the woods with some loss.

Pic 70 - Hessens' hussars continue their onslaught in an uncontrolled
breakthrough charge and carry one of Beaumont's batteries.  Although
victorious, the Prussian elites now have to regroup in the mouth of four
Bavarian batteries.

Pic 71 - In the meantime the situation around Didersdorf has settled into a
lull, with only some sporadic actios on the flanks of the two opposing
sides.  In the front lower foreground, Jett's Wurtemmburg cavalry can be
seen in their attempt to turn the Prussian left.

Pic 72 - Another view of Didersdorf and the surrounding area.  In the
background, the village of Gross Beeren and the actions around it can be
discerned in the distance.

All in all it's been an unfortunate session for the French side who have had
an incredible run of negative throws both in movement and hand-to-hand.  The
session was interrupted after the Allied move, and the next session will be
taken up where we left off, i.e. with the French side moving as the second
player of move 17.  This is definitely turning out to be one of the most
enjoyable games for a long time.

Battle of Gross Beeren 1813 - Refight in 6mm using Age of Eagles. Moves 17
(French side) & 18. 18.15(approx) - 19.00

Pic 73 - Arrighi's cavalry finally sort out their orders and get going.
Here they are sweeping past the village of Genshagen south of Gross Beeren.

Pic 74 - Raglovich's Bavarians form up around the hamlet of Neu Beeren
opposite the Prussian and Swedish positions.

Pic 75 - In the centre, Sahr manages to extricate Rissel's Saxon brigade to
take up a defensive position between the villages of Gross Beeren and
Genshagen.  Arrighi's galloping cavalry divisions can be glimpsed turning
Genshagen in the distance.

Pic 76 - Around Didersdorf the fighting reprises with Fontanelli's Italians
charging across a stream to engage Borstell's 1st Pommeranian line brigade
(foreground, bottom).

Pic 77 - Close up of Fontanelli's charge.

Pic 78 - Borstell's infantry are swept away by the Italians, whose
victorious impetus carries them on to the outskirts of Didersdorf occupied
by the 2nd Kumark Landwehr brigade.

Pic 79 - Tensions build up as Tauentzein makes his point !

Pic 80 - Back in the centre, Bulow pulls back his infantry to form a more
stable front before Gross Beeren. In the centre of the picture, Thumen's
Silesian and Pommeranian hussars charge a silenced Saxon battery.

Pic 81 - Close up of the charging hussars, with landwehr in close support.
Behind the battery, remnants of Lecoq's division head east to rejoin their
Saxon comrades.

Pic 82 - As expected, the Saxon battery is annihilated and the hussars carry
on charging straight into Lecoq's troops who break leaving several dead and
wounded behind.

Pic 83 - Opposite Didersdorf there isn't much movement as the Prussians
settle down to an artillery bombardment.  To the rear, however, Borstell's
elite Pommeranian Hussars and West Prussian Uhlans move to engage Jett's
outflanking cavalry (background, left).

Pic 84 - Borstell's and Jett's cavalry collide in a clash of steel.

Pic 85 - The Wurtemmburgers break, leaving their artillery an easy prey for
the Prussian cavalry.

Pic 86 - The artillerymen are quick to limber and evade but are forced in
leaving half their guns behind.  They follow their retreating comrades back
toward Mablou village with the Pommeranians in hot pursuit.

Pic 87 - The Swedes (foreground) deploy alongside the Prussians around Gross

Pic 88 - Panoramic view of the Western section of the field between Gross
Beeren and Neu Beeren.  Swedes and Prussians are deployed in a defensive
line whilst the Bavarians, Saxons and French approach from the west and

Pic 89 - Back around Didersdorf the French assault columns start forming up

Pic 90 - Fontanelli's Italians, their confidence boosted by their earlier
success, charge headlong into Didersdorf......

Pic 91 - .....and are promptly repulsed!

Gross Beeren 1813 - refight in 6mm using Age of Eagles.  Moves 19 & 20
(19.00 - 20.00)

Pic 92 - The Russians arrive !  Their massed columns of march (background)
converge on Didersdorf to relieve the beleaguered Prussian defenders.

Pic 93 - South of Gross Beeren, the Prussians withdraw their columns and
redeploy their artillery to reform their lines.

Pic 94 - Further west, more Swedish reinforcements arrive (background) while
the pressure builds up on the French right flank.

Pic 95 - Swedish artillery deploys en masse.

Pic 96 - Glimpsing the advancing Russian columns in the distance a fresh
sense of urgency grips the French.  All along the line their columns charge
the Prussians, Fontanelli's Italians striking Didersdorf (left) and Morand's
columns assaulting the Prussian positions in the centre.

Pic 97 - Fontanelli's assault columns storm through Didersdorf

Pic 98 - The Prussians are pushed back all along the line.  Didersdorf is
abandoned to Fontanelli while in the centre Morand makes headway but fails
to completely break the defenders.

Pic 99 - Arrighi's cavalry finally make it to the field south of Gross
Beeren.  Better late than never !

Pic 100 - Arrighi's delay has bought precious time to allow the Prussians to
form up a solid line south of Gross Beeren.  In the background the Prussian
and Swedish lines form up at right angles to face the Bavarians advancing
from the west.

Pic 101 - Swedish and Prussian infantry form up their massed columns behind
their artillery.

Pic 102 - Around Didersdorf, Russian columns start forming up to confront
the advancing French.

Pic 103 - Encouraged by the arrival of Arrighi's dragoons and cuirassiers,
Sahr's Saxons timidly reprise their advance.

Pic 104 - By now the reinforced allied masses heavily outnumber the

Pic 105 - Bavarians at bay.

Pic 106 - Attempting a breakthrough, Pachtod assaults Thumen's conscripts in
wooded terrain.....

Pic 107 - ....but the assaulting French are repulse

Pic 108 - Now that the day is drawing to a close the French efforts around
Didersdorf intensify further, their columns pushing back the Prussians and
advancing deep into their positions.

Pic 109 - Whilst French and Italian troops advance in the foreground,
Franque's Wurtemmburgers hesitate in the face of superior numbers (centre).

Pic 110 - Session's end longshot.  In the immediate foreground the Bavarians
have a tough nut to crack now that they face solid Swedish and Prussian
defensive lines.  South of Gross Beeren the Prussian line breaks off at
right angles to face the advancing Saxon infantry and French cavalry.  In
the background the Russian columns prepare to clash with the French.
However now that the light will soon start to fade (only 2 moves left), it
seems more and more improbable that the road to Berlin will be forced.  The
Emperor will not be pleased......

Gross Beeren 1813 - refight in 6mm using Age of Eagles. Moves 21 & 22 (20.00
- 21.00)

Pic 111 - Having taken the initiative, the allied line characterised by the
Swedish massed brigades advances upon Oudinot's left wing.  In lower
foreground, Thumen's 4th East Prussian infantry storm the French artillery
that had just taken up position inside Neu Beeren.

Pic 112 - More Swedes arrive to bolster the allied Southern front.

Pic 113 - Panoramic view of the Western sector of the field looking North.
In the foreground Sahr's Saxons faces organised Prussian defences south of
Gross Beeren while further west the fighting has shifted to the hamlet of
Neu Beeren.  The advancing Swedish infantry can be seen in the background.

Pic 114 - Around Didersdorf the hunters now become the hunted as fresh
Russian columns bear down on Fontanelli's Italians debouching from the
freshly-conquered village.

Pic 115 - Bolstered by the fresh troops the Allies now advance on the French
east of Didersdorf.  In the centre, Borstell's Pommeranian Hussars can be
seen striking deep into the French lines, overrunning a solitary battery.

Pic 116 - Another view of the Allied offensive around Didersdorf.
Borstell's cavalry attack is in lower foreground while in the background
massed Russian columns scale the heights in the face of the hesitating

Pic 117 - The Russian infantry advance seen from another angle.  In the far
background Russian cavalry engages Jett's outflanking Wurtemmburg cavalry.

Pic 118 - Jett's cavalry put up a valiant fight but are ultimately
overwhelmed and annihilated by the Russians.

Pic 119 - Back to Neu Beeren the French make one last attempt to pierce the
Prussian lines before sundown......

Pic 120 - ....but in vain as the Prussian conscripts steadfastly hold on.

Pic 121 - On the heights around Didersdorf the French deploy in defensive
lines while Fontanelli's Italians halt in the fact of approaching heavy
cavalry.  At this point the road to Berlin is firmly blocked.

Pic 122 - Final panoramic shot at the end of Move 21, the fighting around
Neu Beeren in the foreground, the defence of Gross Beeren in the centre, and
the Russian advance against Didersdorf in the rear.  The French side, having
won the initiative for the final move, threw in the towel and announced they
were retiring under cover of darkness so it was pointless to continue this
last move under twilight conditions.

Pic 123 - The protagonists.  For the French David  (Oudinot) and 'Big' Mike

Pic 124 - ......and for the Allies Mike (Bernadotte) and Dave (Tauentzein).
Marco (Borstell) doesn't feature because unfortunately he couldn't make it
for the last meeting.

Pic 125 - And the final score is : 50 - 36 for the French! Oudinot scores a
technical victory in that he managed to inflict more casualties on the
Allies.  However it is a definitive strategic debacle since by day's end the
gates of Berlin were nowhere in sight.

A big thanks to all for a highly successful mega-game. Hopefully we can have
more similar games where we can involve multiple players to the enjoyment of



  1. Good looking game. I'm hoping to work this scenario in soon. Enjoy the rest of the game.

  2. First off, great looking game. Second what kinda of rolls where the French and Prussians getting around Blankenfelde that it took so long to capture. In our playing of Gross Bereen Prussian IV Corp was just crushed like a child's sand castle (and they were average rolls in our game). We wondered at the play balance of the scenario because Prussian IV Corp is such a huge VP gift to the French.

  3. Hi
    Can't say that rolls were favorable but it I didn't want to inflict too many casualties as I also expected a walk over.I also wanted to encircle them and capture them all rather than pushing them back and harass my flank.Deployed in bua with a +2 and no flanks were hard to break as one of the italian Brigades found out.

    Thanks for your comments

  4. Enjoyable game right through, surprised how the Prussians held on for so long, but turned out quite historical, thanks to all gamers.

  5. Nice report, an interesting scale to play Nap' period games...