Friday 26 July 2013

Age of Eagles Elchingen replay

Here is another replay of Elchingen as a series of games to refresh on the rules system

  Here the Austrian right is kept at bay while the French right envelopes Riesch 2nd Division
 under withering fire the Austrian cavalry were kept disordered and decimated

 A sortie by Auersperg's brigade from Ober Elchingen was checked by Caulaincourt dragoons and Rouget's brigade who were repulsed without great loss

 The counter attack at Ober Elchingen
 While the french close in on Hermann's Grenadiers and Mescery's brigade
Austrian 2nd Div collapsed  and Riesch calls it a day

Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Battle of Elchingen 28mm Age of Eagles

Age of eagles scenarios

Demo game to persuade players to try Age of Eagles

 Used Saxons instead of Austrians

David Grech: Re basing British Anglo dutch 6mm H&R

This is Sergio's Army which has been idle for about 25 years and based for wrh 1745-1850
I have rebased it for Age of Eagles
its two rank form 1 1/8 inch width by 1inch depth rep 360 men
artillery 3/16 /gun  for 6 gun batteries
cav 1x1  rep 180 men