Sunday 5 July 2015

Waterloo 6mm epic game

Having returned from Waterloo re-enactment we were eager to recreate the battle on the table

Setting up in progress

Figures are Heroics and Ross 6mm
System Age of Eagles

Saturday 11 April 2015

Wilson Creek Bloody Hill Regimental Fire and Fury

Rules Regimental F&F
Figures 20mm

Initial deployment

Andrews and Deitzler charge 
over the crest 

The 1st MO  charges with cols steel into 
contact with Rives Mo 

Charge checked with a telling fire

Totten art deployed

Cawthorn's brigade rolls a 2
but still manages to reform from broken

1MO charges down on Rives

while 1Ks hols the high ground

Rives lose two stands from 
a withering fire and is swept from the
field in combat

with a breakthrough turns the flank

Reformed Cawthorn  rolls a 10 

and kills Lt Col George Andrews

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Mexican American War Regimental Fire and Fury

Mexican American War 1846

Battle for Palo Alto

20mm Figures  by Michael Callus

Rules   Regimental Fire and Fury


Initial deployment with the chaparral beyond the road

Second session sees the high tide of the Mexican advance

The main attack of the Mexican right wing hitting 
the battery sending it silenced and damaged but 
not enough elan to breakthrough

With most Mexican cavalry leaving the battlefield 
broken the left flank was turned by the
 American flying batteries

Trying to regroup and under the threat of U.S dragoons

Last and final session 

Arista's command disintegrates rolling a 1 for base morale
with a -1 for heavy casualties and greater losses the cavalry
 broke and fled 

On the Mexican left the cavalry threat forced the infantry
to form square 

US flying artillery with cavalry outflank 

In a final spur of defiance La Vega charges a depleted 
spent regiment with the hope of breaking through
and capturing the limbered battery

The supporting Mexican artillery pivots to enfilade 
the outflanking US batteries damaging and 
silencing a gun section

The Charge falters 

US cavalry charges and  destroy the 
supporting battery

Mexicans rout and retire to 
Resaca de La Palma