Saturday 28 September 2013

Age of Eagles Battle for Orthez New terrain for 6mm

There seem to be some  wavering among  players in favour of 28mm gaming at out club so the way to counteract this is to tease them back with a new 6mm Terrain.

Tiles are 90cm x45cm  and have template sides for interchangeability.

So a Game to try it out.Parts of Order of Battle of Orthez 1814 on a fictitiousterrain .  1000pts each .

Woods made from 25mm sheets of foam cut in irregular shape and roughened with a wire brush

River/Plaster poured in recess painted and varnished

                                                            Armies deployed. French side.

Allied Side 
Wellington concentrated Beresford Corps in the centre while holding his hilly left flank 
with Alten's Light Division

Faced with a weak centre Beresford ordered Walker's 7th Div to secure 
the town of Orthez while Cole's 4th Div struck Soult's Certre

Clinton's 6th Div advanced on the right flank 

Rey's 11stand Brigade from Taupin's 4th Div was hit hard
losing 6stands and two Batteries in the ensuing breakthrough

French  Chasseurs threatening were counteracted with 
Stapleton's Light  Dragoons

to be continued

Second session 

Having tied up 3 Larger brigades and 4 batteries and led them away 
from the centre Alton's Light brigade make a quick exit.

With the French centre cleared except for a Chasseur brigade 
harassing until defeated in detail by Somerset Cav Brigade

On Wellingtons Right Clinton's 6th Division keeping pressure 

The battle for the town of Orthez resuled in some heavy
 casualties for the british

 Overwhelming British cavalry in numbers
 as Fane's  13th and 14th light dragoons had some problems
 beating away the French

british right

town of Orthez

Soult decided to call it off

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