Friday 30 August 2013

Age of Eagles Pickup game

From the Saxon Side

Prussian right flank reserve Cavalry under General Oppen

Facing them 26th Light Cav Brigade the Elite Saxon Hussar Regiment
brigaded with Prinz Clemens Uhlan regiment

Prussians Charging uphill

Saxon 24th Div on the Right flank

Prussians making a breakthrough with the
1st Leib Hussar regiment supporting

Oudinot (on white horse) attached 

Oudinot Killed in action 

Prussian Konigin Dragoon Regiment checks Saxon 26th Cav brigade

Saxons still secure on the hill
game Draw

Monday 5 August 2013

yet another Elchingen this time in 6mm

in a series of game testing with Age of Eagles this time using my 6mm armies .
I opted to defend with the Austrians which are on the far side of the table
French amass to storm the bridge 

 Reinforcements enter early on both sides  but Austrians have to roll on reserve movement
 First French assault is repulsed with minor casualties
 Second assault routs Austrians back with cavalry support following closely
 special scenario rules negate the use of roads due to weather and any unit rolling a 10 for firing is out of ammo for the rest of the game as the ammo wagons got stuck in the mud . Consequently two brigades and a battery cannot fire.