Tuesday 22 March 2022


Twist of fate

Recently my life took a twist that changed drastically due to ill health. Add a pandemic and I was running out of time. I started buying all the packs from Heroics and Ross ranges which I had never ventured into.
MARLBURIAN ; CRUSADES ; DARK AGES ; RENAISSANCE ; BYZANTINE the lot . One of each just to have. Then I was watching on YouTube a pastels tutorial and was intrigued. An online order for a boxed set of unison pastels art paper and pencils. Now all I had to do is start but what. In this limited timespan I had to maximize its value in the sense of appreciation. 
       The YouTube tutorial was about portraits and the rough jagged edge seemed forgiving enough to encourage me to try. Here are all that I managed to do. Regretfully my arms were getting heavier and time was over but it was worthwhile and satisfying.

                                                                      My toddler son

                                                                      Valletta project 




                                                                       my assistant             


Les Gavroches



brother in law


3 Pjazza Palma






  1. I like your paintings. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Your paintings are great. I'll treasure the figurine you made of my grandfather, as I treasure the friendship I have with James.

  3. Well done David , great respect