Monday 28 January 2019

Ancients 6mm painting

Here's my venture into ancient wargaming. I'm still unfamiliar with tactics and rules but the objective is to recreate historical scenarios. I never considered late Roman ancient compared to Punic Wars but apparently it is a good period of balanced warfare and I'm not too keen on painting scantily clad warriors.
   Got myself an order of H&R figures as I'm still reluctant to try out the Baccus range for whatever reason.
   As for the rules I came across  Sam Mac Dowell's  Legio Wargames site and Blog and got inspired but will be playtesting other sets
   Basing has been decided as 20 by 20 or multiples of if required

I wargame with 6mm mainly because I prefer battles not skirmishes and I want to see the full battlefield. As such terrain has a higher priority than figures and although 2mm are tempting I still need to differentiate between french imperial guard and confederate infantry.

When I get the figures I base them all unpainted except for for the artillery guns and limbers. This is done on 2mm pvc to which a layer of pva is flocked with fine sand.
 When dry the base is painted with a slightly diluted humbrol green 80 and dry brushed with yellow artist oil colour. The figures are then primed with a dark brown and that sets me off on an encouraging tone.
  Although this method is restrictive when it comes to paint the successive ranks it's much faster, blends the bases better with the figures and what can't be seen need not be painted.

Here's a sequence of steps as described above


  1. I undercoat mine white and use GW seraphim wash before adding colour. I do paint the figures as received before detatching and basing. That is my preferred method. Travels with Khusru.

  2. I don't know if this link will work, but there is a Facebook group for 6mm wargaming you might enjoy, although it doesn't have much content. On my blog is some 6mm miniatures you might like as well. Just use the 6mm tab.