Saturday, 17 May 2014

Teugen-Hausen 6mm Scenario

Next in line an 1809 scenario from the Grognard site 

It was just a random choice  and it doesn't look easy for the french.I was not particularly familiar with the battle.

These are the photos of the first five moves up to 2pm. .
Basically The two sides meet with a division each.Then the rest of the Corps converges to the battle.
Since the French Div was lacking artillery and cavalry support  there was no scope to force its way through and waited for the rest to catch up.

The pics are taken from a constant angle on the French Left and are best viewed in another window like a presentation 

Back  from the second session .
With time running against the French they went for an aggressive
attack.With  no particular tactical advantages and inferior numbers
the attack is repulsed followed by an Austrian attack which pushed the French
even more back.

As for the scenario rules we started dicing for the gathering thunderstorm
on the 4:00 pm turn and I rolled a 2 on a D6 and there ends the scenario.

As for victory point both sides have a worn brigade and the Austrians
take a -5 as the Grenadiers have entered the battle.
Technically its a French tactical win but we will continue just the same
till 6:00pm

Unfortunately my camera ran flat and I just took 3 pics.

we continued the scenarion for the sake of testing the
possibility of the French pushing through the Austrian Corps

Frankly I don't think the rules are intended to reflect the superiority that might
have been shown by the French.

This time I dropped the camera and broke it.A sad loss to a faithfull Olympus C-3000
which I had since 2001 as my first digital.

Here are the last photos taken after so many thousands ,