Saturday 6 May 2017

First Bull Run Fire and Fury 6mm

Hi This is one of the early Fire and Fury memorable games

I took a sort of stop motion picture which was very effective but one needs either to know the scenario well or have participated in the game to follow what's happening 

I have skipped some shots as there are too many

This is were the game ended with a spent Confederate and a worn Union
There was also a dispute whether 2 winning conf brigades (shown in the last image between Bull run and Young's Brunch North or Warrington Turnpike)should both breakthrough the nearest enemy brigade or the first brigade charges the nearest brigade masking it from the second cong brigade which then had no option but to breakthrough charge the next nearest enemy which were two unattached union art batteries!  

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  1. Great battle, lots of work represented here! Thanks for sharing. Michael Cannon